10 things of creative people

Creative people have some common things in their personality traits. Some of them are


Childlike curiosity and exploration in creative people’s imaginative ideas. Imaginative play through objects, ideas, emotions or fantasies is essential in creativity from science and technology to creative writing, to music, to the visual arts. Poet Stanley Konitz explored emotions in poetry writing.

2. Passion

Passion boost inspiration which lead to high expertise and high inspiration turn into high productivity, more efficiency and less mistakes. Thomas Yoke’s music teacher Terry James and his art teachers encouraged his passion playing guitar, the result is, discovery of Beatles music.

3. Daydreaming

Prominent psychologist say that mind wandering is vital to imagination and creative thoughts. Night dream can be helpful in insightful problem solving. It connect unconscious mind to solve problems of the conscious mind. Mc Cortney composed the melody for “yesterday”-the most covered song in music history –based on a dream he had one night in 1964.

4. Solitude

Some degree of isolation is required in order to do creative work. Many esteemed artists and thinkers lived lives of relative solitude as it activate our imagination network and generate new ideas. Co-founder of Apple computer, Steve Wozniak explained in his book IWOZ, alone time makes innovative thinking possible. His one piece of advice to hopeful innovators? “Work  alone”.

5. Intuition

Intuition comes as sudden flash of insight. Unconscious mind is the governing force behind it. In a 2011 essay for the New York Times, Steve Job’s biographer Walter Isaacson described intuition as being at the core of the Apple founder‘s genius.

6. Openness to Experience

Open and explorative mind can do creative work. Openness to experience is essential to creativity. The desire to learn and discover and motivation to engage with ideas and emotions to seek novelty in arts and sciences.

7. Mindfulness

A balance of mindfulness; a focused, non-judgmental awareness of the present moment; and mind wandering. Pioneer Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer describes mindfulness as the act of paying attention to the present moment. Artist, entrepreneurs and thinkers have turned to mindfulness as a daily practice for psychological well-being and a source of creative inspiration.

8. Sensitivity

Creative people are high imaginative and sensitive .Their mind process more sensory inputs like sound, lighting and scents. Michael Jackson was a deeply shy and sensitive person. His personal life was characterized by sensitivity, loneliness and struggle.

9. Turning Adversity into Advantage

Many creative minds suffered adversity(parental loss, emotional instability , social rejection, physical illness).In their adversity  show them their strength and purpose. They inspire to turn their challenges into opportunities. Creativity acts as a healing power.

Truman Capote’s mother was an alcoholic and committed suicide and Edward Albee, Leo Tolstoy and William Words worth were all orphaned in childhood.

10. Thinking differently

The one thing, all greatest creative mind have in common is that they rejected popular , conventional ways of thinking and support new and fresh ideas.

Copernicus’s theory that the earth resolved around the sun (rather than the opposite) were widely decried and viewed as heretical for many years before they were accepted.