Creativity connects imagination and courage

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

Without   imagination, we can not turn our dream into realtity. Creativity encourages us to take risk to share our ideas with the world. we want to exploit our potentials to create what we want. In this process we follow up our instinct and connect to our inner voice. We try to   get deep knowledge   and hone our skills. When all branches of river connect to Main River and finally emerges in the sea at the end. Similarly imaginative ideas connect to main ideas and bring a whole useful ideas and these useful and original ideas finally take the form of creativity.

When we do something different what we love to do. We feel joy and excitement. We encourage to take   risk to implement our ideas. But there are   some times   when we  face financial shortage for our projects and we don’t meet our goal due to other reasons. Sometimes we feel depressed and anxiety due to our unconscious blockages likes fear, anger, self-doubt, insecurity, low self-esteem etc.

These setbacks are just temporary failures to achieve our dream, we should continue with focus on our goal. When we saw some seed and give it nourishment with sunrays, water and fertilizers, this seeds will take time to take the shape of a well grow plants. So every goal take time and need constant effort to achieve it. If goal is big then it will need high degree of imaginative skills   and courage and will take longer time to implement it but small goal that need not very high degree of imagination and it will take lesser time. Creative project need courage to be focused on it despite all odds.

Walt Disney’s Disneyland also a good example of   high imagination and courage. His story looks like fairytales in the real world. Disneyland, as amusement park  for children was the result of Walt Disney’s high imagination and fantasy ideas .Walt Disney is the man who had the specialization in animation .He created first ever animated movie Mickey Mouse and snow white and the seven dwarfs as well. He is recognized for his big imagination and courage to turn into reality.

Walt Disney was born in Chicago. He grew up with his 5 siblings in a farm of Marceline, Missouri. From an early age, he had interested in art and drawing. But after 16 years of age he joined Red Cross but later he fired by Red Cross officials. He moved to Kansas and worked for creative advertisement company but also fired from company. So he create himself film studio Laugh-o-gram but studio was closed due to financial instability.

Afterwards, he opened studio with his brother   Roy and named it Disney brother studio.  Later it renamed as Walt Disney studio. He created Oswald   the lucky rabbit character, animated movie , had a hit .It proved one of the greatest grossing movie of all times.

Walt had many business partnership   but betrayed in most of his partnership.He started working on Mickey mouse talking series of animated shorts. It was a big hit. And he created many others likes silly symphonies which features music and little dialogue, story of three little pigs, the snow white and the seven dwarfs (Full length animated film), Bambi ,  Cinderella, Alice in wonderland and peter pan animation movie.

Disney want to make Disneyland park for children. Now Disneyland had become of magical land of his big fantasy. On this project, 2500 men would be working and its cost would be estimated around 17 million. Disney land has become most tourist destination. Walt Disney ‘s animation movies nominated for 13 Academic awards,  29 Oscar awards, four Emmys, the Irving Halberd award, Presidential medal of freedom and the French legion of honor.