Creativity promotes Innovation

Creativity   generate useful and original ideas . When   these ideas take shape of a new type of products and services , we call it Innovation.  There are many examples in the history of Innovation likes Wright brothers ‘Aero plane, Edison’ electric bulb,  Bill gate’s Microsoft, Steve job’s apple  Inc.,  Brazos and his wife ‘s etc.

We know  that creativity generate and connects the ideas .When we implement it ,it is innovation. So without creativity ,  Innovation is not possible.  They are interwoven and follow-up each other and inseparable. Creativity like a full water of a pot when we drink it , then it is innovation. High creativity lead to big Innovation.

Some people   use their creativity to solve social problems and they get success in their purpose. They do their   current job and   get in touch in social activities through Innovation at their spare time . Imran Khan is a good example about  how creativity and innovation can solve social problems efficiently.Today Imran Khan is a well-known name in India. He is 34 years old mathematics teacher from Al war (Rajasthan).He created   free 52 educational mobile apps and donate it to nation for educational purpose in India.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi   from London, Wimble stadium, Gave him thanks for his  social venture .It is wonderful that he did not get any formal training in computer. He gained all knowledge himself through google and his engineer brother’s books. When Khan was free after school job, he learnt about Html and designed website himself.

In 2005, he designed his first that he created more than 100 websites, but maintained only two of them-gktalks  and  gyan manjari.  Imran khan‘s website is not his job but he took it as a hobby for   a social cause. In the words of Imran khan  ”I like to make cool and creative interfaces. I like challenges. Without challenges I can’t work. Web development is my hobby”.

Imran ‘   story  is inspiration for all who want to pursue their passion but due to circumstances they are not able to follow their instinct. If they determined, they get success to do something creative inspired. However we all are creative but our creative passion don’t get flourish due to our environmental obstacles. Sometimes we ignore it due to ignorance. So we don’t exploit our creative potential.  Sometimes this   hidden creative spirit comes out as a hobby and take the shape of Innovation which happened in the case of Imran Khan.

Most of our hobbies are hidden creative energy which should not be ignored. Some people convert their hobby as a profession but some  want to pursue it as their hobby . They   develop their hobby for social cause like Imran khan who develop his hobby of making websites and apps for social cause and gain fame and recognition. He turned his creative flare into Innovation.