Different ways to develop our creative potential

Creativity is our hidden treasure which need to be acknowledged by us. If this hidden treasure can be developed with disciplined manners and we can solve our problems .Generally people use their left hemisphere of brain which is logical and slow. We do not use our right hemisphere .If we use both hemisphere, we can utilize our full potential. To develop creativity, we can use both our right and left hemisphere as well.

Creativity can be learned, developed and applied .It is a process of generate new ideas. It is a skill required practice to develop in disciplined manner. These skills   can be enhanced with specific tool and techniques. Many business school teach courses to develop creativity. Many companies hire creativity consultant and organize creativity workshops, trainings and videos. It is a skill that is needed for survival of business in cut throat competition. It make life more interesting, funnier and fuller of achievement.

  • Creativity require both focus, relaxed mind and imagination as well. Lorenza colza, a   Dutch   psychologist, investigated   meditation on creative thinking. According to him, open –monitoring or non-directive mindfulness, which focus and observe on thoughts that arise in mind in non-judgmental way and accepting the circumstances of present moment, it leads to free flowing idea and boost imagination network. So mindfulness develop our inner world as well as our outer world also. It is a greatest tools to access our creativity  to produce new and original ideas.
  • Brainstorming is another way to produce random and non-linear ideas. In brainstorming session, a group of some people focus on problem, discuss on the problem .That group invite ideas from every person of that group. They listed out maximum ways of solutions which they can find from group. They selected useful ideas and combined them. Brainstorming session help us produce a greater number of useful ideas.
  • Creative writing is the source of generating new ideas. Before writing, we should know about the subject on which we want new and original ideas. These knowledge can be gathered through books, audiotapes, internet etc. We can write down important finding so that unusual ideas taken away.The French author Gustav Flaubert (1821-1880) once told his young pupil Guy de Mapp assent (1850-1893) that knowing the subject is vital for all creative work. The father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud compare creative writing with day dream.
  • We can generate ideas through mind –mapping. In mind-mapping, we write down central problem in images, words and colors as they stimulate our brain more powerful than the words only. And we list down different dimensions and viewpoints concerned to central problem. At final, we find new solutions to our problem. Bill gates, Steve jobs would get creative success through mind mapping. They generated new ideas through team works in which every member contributed in new project or work.
  • You should take some rest, while you are not able to solve your problem on some project after a bit of hard work. When you are searching new solution of a problem, just take a break, put off your problem out of mind completely and join some kind of activities which give you immense pleasure like playing instrument, Taking a shower, listening classical music, going for a walk or sailing. It stimulate your unconscious and you can find creative ideas for your project or problem. Famous scientist Elbert Einstein used to play violin to find creative ideas while taking a break from project.
  • If you want to raise your creativity level, you need to concentrate on divergent thinking.it enhance random and non –linear thinking. But convergent thinking is its opposite .it promote logical thinking. But divergent thinking promotes spontaneous ideas. Its concept is : ,” What if…….? “ . It give you freedom for imagination, non-linear and spontaneous thinking. Divergent thinking link you to Walt Disney’s Imagineering world.
  • Usually highly creative people follows their passion. If we follow our passion it stimulate our unconscious drive to do something different. These unconscious drive produce intense inspiration and efforts which help us to achieve our passion or dream. Thomas Edison‘s famous inspiration equation, which suggest that genius is “1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Passion, Inspiration and efforts are pushing each other in the same directions. It spark up creative ideas. Thomas Yorker‘s passion about music converted discovery of Beatles music after he began to play guitar.
  • We can enhance creativity through exercise.it secret our feel good hormone endorphin. When we feel great, think creatively. Exercise use our brain muscles. The more we use the muscles, the more creative we are. Physical activities like yoga, walking, running, play sports increase blood flow to the brain and supply more oxygen.it boost creativity.
  • Travel is unique to enhance creativity. When you go out of your shell and explore other areas of world. You face new opportunities to interact with other people of different cultures. It nurture your mind and bring new ideas . You want to exploit new areas of your life which was not used before. It sprout up your creativity.