Creativity turn adversities into opportunities

Adversities comes in our life in many ways. These adversities can be arrive in the forms of illness, death of a loved ones, parental loss, financial difficulties ,accidents and others many undesirable events in life. These adversities enhance our stress and distract us from our goal. We think about what we don’t want instead of what we want during unfortunate incidence. Consequences we suffer from depression and unhappiness. These adversities block our creative potentials and stay away from success.

Creativity is effective strategy against stress. It divert our mind from stressful thoughts. It is Creative activities like sports, writing, painting, dancing, and music enhance self-esteem, hope, ,social behaviors and reduce feelings of shame, guilt, anger, denial especially in our adversities. Creativity is a process of emotional and intellectual development. These development make us able to deal with our adversities, focus on our goal and maintain perseverance. . Creativity acts as a mindfulness and it encourages us on what we want. It require focus and attention.

Joanne J.K. Rowling is the inspiring story about how can we turn our adversities into opportunities. She is the first billionaire whose main source of writing. She authored the multi-awarded Harry Potter book series. Her life has huge ups and downs. J. K. Rowling born to Peter James Rowling and Anne Rowling. She grew up well .She got good education. She studied French and classic literature.

Her adversity began when her mother suffered from multiple sclerosis. Her relation with her father was not cordial. When her mother died. She had looking for some opportunity to work. She taught English as a second language to locals. She married with journalist Jorge AR antes but  soon  , they  divorced. She had a daughter Jessica Isabel. She decided to live near her sister. She lived by government assistance in which he found flat and enough money. But it didn’t help her. She was going to be depressed and tried to suicide more than once. She began writing children’s fantasy stories Harry Potter series.

However she began writing shortly before her mother’s passing, through her divorce and return to her sister’s place. Rowling writing sources of her books were her personal experiences. She put out her emotional experiences with family, friends   into her magical world. After six years of writing, the first installment of best-selling series was ready to release to the public. But most of the   publishers turned down her manuscript.

A year later, her book was published but publisher was hopeless about her children fantasy book and he telling her that she should consider getting a real job but in a half year, wheel of fortune turn over, the Scottish arts council awarded Rowling a grant to continue writing the Harry potter series. Her book series received many awards. All seven of the Harry Potter books have been placed no.1 on the New York Times bestsellers.

J.K. Rowling’s life is a good example of how focus and patience works wonder. At   several   times, life gives you many adversities  but if you focus on what you want and have patience then wonder can happen .Our deathly adversities   can turns into  alive opportunities. This same happened with Rowling. She kept writing  many years during her adversities of mother death, divorce, financial difficulties .Her creative writing absorbs her emotional turbulence and maintain her focus on what she want. She was able to get new opportunity for children fantasy books and got creative achievement.