Creativity is the ability to produce new ideas which are original and have value which means it contain newness and usefulness. Creativity is a valuable renewable mental resources which we all have possesses We have creativity for 24/7 means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week . Creativity is like a treasure which are hidden under the land unless we don’t know about it.

Most of us think that creativity is a gifted by the god and only gifted people are creative  , super achiever and super intelligent. Some selected people like musician, writer, painter, architecture are creative person and lawyer, doctor, judge, CEO are not creative. It is wrong prejudice .We all are creative. It is a part of our personality traits , attitude and thinking process. Which we can tap at any time.

Definition of creativity

As the Indian- born American physician and bestselling author Deepak Chopra explains, ”Creativity is a process of transforming the raw energy ,information ,and material of the universe into something that has never before existed. Whether you are creating a new business, an original piece of music ,or a relationship, creativity require a leap in awareness-a quantum jump from one pattern of thinking to an entirely new one, without progressing through incremental steps…..”

Personal creativity comprises characteristics

  • Generating ideas
  • Digging deeper into ideas
  • Listening to one’s inner voice
  • Openess and courage to explore ideas

University of California famous psychologist Dean keith Simonton ,mentioned two kind of creativity little c or Big c. Little c help us to solve our daily problems of life ,for example, steve  job’s apple and Bill gates ‘ Microsoft  and Big c, likes Pablo Picasso, Mozart, Einstein, Edison, etc., have the ability to change the world.

Possibility is the key to creativity .It stimulate our mind through vigorous thinking in random and non-linear way and it promote thinking outside the box. It can take shape of  a  new painting, a new book ,a  new product or service and a new discovery of any type. There is an interesting illustration that give us clarity about how creativity tap into possibilities. Long time ago, Peptic ulcer (stomach or duodenal ulcer) was a serious condition that affected many people Sufferer used to be on antacid for 20 years or more. There were major operations to remove part or all of stomach. Then a young doctor, Barry J. Marshall, in Perth,Western Australia, suggested some antibiotics instead of antacid  because Marshall  gave possibility that it might be an infection. but people didn’t take  care about his possibility. Many years later, antibiotic was used for peptic ulcer and it had completely cured within one week. Creative ideas develop  from uncertainties and potentialities.

A study by George Land uncovers that we are actually inventive and we grow up uncreative.  British author , speaker and international advisor on education ,non-profits, education and art bodies .He is creativity expert .He said that we have been educated to become good worker ,rather than creative  thinker.

Creativity can be learned, taught, developed and applied. It is a skill required practice to develop in disciplined manner .These skill can be enhanced with specific tools and techniques. Many business school teach courses to develop creativity. Many companies hire creativity consultant and organize creativity  workshops , training and videos. It is a skill  that is needed for survival of business in cut-throat competition. .It make life more interesting, more funny and more full of achievement.