Forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself and people you love. It is let go off attitude. Forgiveness help us to melt away all the bitterness which you hold back for a long time. You feel positive emotions and your heart become light hearted.

When you truly forgive someone, the past shall remain the past and should never be brought up again. Forgiveness gives both you and the person you feel has wronged you the freedom to move on. However, forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. You liberate yourself by learning to let go of blame. You have a choice to let go , and to forgive ,or to carry a grudge and live with blame and anger .Both are bad for you because these are negative traits and they diminish who you are. Even if you were technically right in the blame game , deep inside you won’t feel good due to all the negativity and sense of grudge.

Forgiveness require strength of character, rather than weakness. Those who are able to give are more likely to live happier lives. It is not cowardice act but it takes a lot of courage. If you don’t learn to forgive , you are prone to holding onto the bad memory and allowing it to cloud your judgment in the future.

Forgiveness help us to recover in physical illness .It is good for heart .It help us to lower blood pressure as anger and stress cause change  biochemical changes in our body. It help us to strengthen mental wellbeing as well .Sometime people don’t accept trauma, bad memories and stuck in its. They incline towards alcohol and other addictions. Some people take extreme steps and try to self -harm   by poisoning or something extreme step such as suicide. So it is very important to forgive self and others to be in peace and harmony.

Empathy-forgiveness opens up the path to empathy. If you can’t see the world through someone else’s eyes, you limit your own   viewpoint of life. Empathy makes you into a more complete person and helps you to peacefully co-exist with others whose opinions differ from your own. Thus you see the world in a much broader perspective and are able to understand differences of opinion. It make strengthen social connections and interpersonal relationships.

Understanding-Understanding about ourselves is very crucial to develop feeling of forgiveness. When we don’t realize our own strength and focus on our weakness only, then we blame ourselves and others for our failures. Understanding our true nature and follow our passion spark our positive emotions. It becomes easy for us to forgive others mistakes.

Acceptance-Accept, what is going around you? If something unfortunate is happening, accept it and move on.  If we don’t accept it, we are hold back anger and resentment related to bad events and it make us depressed and unhappy. So Acceptance is the next step to achieve happiness.

To practice forgiveness, we can adopt several strategy like writing therapy, yoga and meditation, breathing control. In writing therapy, we can write down good things of the person which we want to forgive. When we do yoga and meditation in non-judgmental way, we are able to release our pain and bad memories. During breathing control, we release our past doing breathing out .We feel light hearted and it becomes easier for us to forgive ourselves and others. Forgiveness is a divine virtue which everyone should adopt to be in peace and harmony.