About Me

I am a teacher, aspiring author, researcher and light and color expert. I had plenty thirst for knowledge and creative ideas. In the search of inner peace and happiness, I had learnt many short term courses likes clinical nutrition, Iridology , color therapy, aromatherapy etc. I had gained many wonderful insights and applied these in my works and found astonishing results. I have realized my true purpose in life and It changed my life completely .

I conduct workshops and seminars for personal, professional and social groups. I also take individual sessions if you request  by personally. My aim is to provide something meaningful services in health sector in India, especially in mental health. There are worst situations in mental health in India. I want that people lead their lives in happy and peaceful mode and solve theirs daily problem with innovative approach .Innovative thinking solve our  problems  with many different ways which is not possible by only logical thinking.  This will make their life beautiful.  Human brain are unique in the world so we should use it in a constructive ways.