How Color Affects Us

Color is a part of visible electromagnetic spectrum. Color is an energy and frequency. It is a subjective experience governed by eye under normal lighting.

It is reflected. Red tomato is reflected red color of spectrum and absorb all other colors. Green apple is reflected green color and absorb all others colors.

Color is a tool that our brain use to construct meaning of the world that we see. Color affect our way of perception. It is a visual experience.

Color act upon the body as well as the mind. Red has been shown to stimulate the senses and raise the blood pressure. Blue has the opposite effect and calm the mind.


It is method of treatment of disease by color which a patient lacks. It is ancient complementary medicine. It is natural, safe , powerful and non-invasive. It clear emotional blockage and treat root cause of illness through correct specific color waveleng th according to illness.

Popp, Chopra  & ancient tradition say when our organ system get out of balance ,they need specific color frequency to get them back into balance. When illness occur, an organ’s fr equency or strength will change. When certain colors are absorbed through the eyes or shone around the body, these cellular structure absorb the energy they need to come back into balance.

Color energy helps in realigning the chakras by its vibrational remedies.When we shake hands, we are actually exchanging energy.We have seven major chakra and seven colors.The root chakra is associated with red color frequency.The sacral chakra is associated with orange color and green color is vibration of heart chakra. The throat chakra is associated with blue color and  the brow chakra is link with indigo color frequency and the crown chakra is associated with violet color frequency. Color is a energy vibration so blinds also are affected by colors.