How to choose your best healing color

The best healing color for you are simply the one you feel most drawn to!

When we need vitamins and minerals to bring back into balance .In the same way we need certain healing color that our body need to come back into balance. All color energy works like vitamins.

Color Vitamins

For example if you are coming down with a cold, you may crave orange because your body knows that it contain vitamin c will help you heal more quickly. When you add that color more in to your environment, you will find come back into balance.

Fortunately, it is very easy to determine which color energies we are deficient in…

This is simple, when we are attracted to specific color which our body and mind crave for … (Our favorite color)

This simply tell us more about what our constitutional type is  !

If you are Extrovert and high energy and active person (Type A personality).

You keep seeking Excitement, adventure and passion.

You love Novelty   and multitasking. Your favorite color may be Red, Orange or yellow. These colors give you energy, motivation and excitement……

But if you are introvert personality and like to be calm and quite …

Your favorite colors may be blue, indigo or violet.