What is Light and Color Therapy

According to light & color therapy, every organ has its own vibration energy and disease occur when this energy is short. By applying the same color which has the same vibration energy, the disease can be overcome.
Color energy helps in realigning the chakras by its vibrational remedies. When we shake hands ,we are actually exchanging energy.
  • The crown chakra connect us with spiritual self –pineal gland. Violet color energy is associated with this chakra.
  • The third –eye chakra , the center of the wisdom and intuition ,connects with the nervous system and hypothalamus. This chakra has Indigo color energy.
  • The throat chakra, the center of self-expression and communication connect us with the throat and lungs. It has blue color energy.
  • The heart chakra, the center of love and compassion, connect to the heart, lungs, liver and circulatory system. It has green color energy.
  • The solar, the seat of power and emotions, connects to the stomach, liver and gallbladder. It is associated with yellow color energy.
  • The sacral, the center for sexual energy, feelings and emotions, connects with the gonads, testicles and ovaries. It is associated with orange color energy.
  • The root chakra, the seat of kundalini energy ,connects with the base of the spine and the suprarenal glands. It is associated with red color energy.
Light & Color Therapy is recognized in conventional medical treatment
  • The treatment of neonatal jaundice in babies with blue light.
  • Ultra violet light for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasisi.
  • Sunlight is important in production of Vitamin D for healthy bones.
  • SAD (lack of natural light) treatment with full spectrum  light.