Why Light is Healing

Light is life. Light is necessary to the existence of life itself. All living cell emit electromagnetic waves which light in visible range called bio photon. Bio photon emission is the key to the elementary code of life. Human body is comprised of over 100 trillion cells,which go through appro. 100,000 chemical reactions per second. Each cell emit more than 100,000 bio photon which is responsible for all of the chemical reactions. Body will use biophoton when it need to neutralize chaotic signals and thus restore health. Light is biological nutrient.

Due to sedentary lifestyle, Lack of sunlight exposure, Wrong dietary habit, use more digital accessories , wrong sleeping  pattern, Lack of exercise, stress and pollutions etc. promote  more bio photon emission in the body which result in various diseases like cancer, High blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid ,insomnia etc.

How light (bio photon ) heal

It is method of treatment of disease by color which a patient lacks. It is ancient complementary medicine. It is natural, safe , powerful and non-invasive. It clear emotional blockage and treat root cause of illness through correct specific color waveleng th according to illness.

Popp, Chopra  & ancient tradition say when our organ system get out of balance ,they need specific color frequency to get them back into balance. When illness occur, an organ’s fr equency or strength will change. When certain colors are absorbed through the eyes or shone around the body, these cellular structure absorb the energy they need to come back into balance.

  • Light is a controlling plant growth ,gonad(sexual)activity in birds & animals.
  • Pineal gland is light sensitive. It regulate blood pressure, body temperature, appetite, sleep/wake cycle and many more.
  • Light has beneficial biological effect. Bio photon affect our emotions , physical bodies and consciousness. Our cells and DNA use bio photon for cellular information.
  • Light enter eye to hypothalamus which control nervous and endocrine system and immune system.
  • Light affect our bodies and one of our major form of nutrition.
  • Light boost the effect of antidepressant medication or to enable patients with depression to take lower dose of antidepressant

Biological optimal lighting can enhance focus and productivity, improve health through circadian rhythm and hormone   regulation and lower the incidence of pathophysiological disorders such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and insomnia.

Bio photon image of cancer cell growth inside a mouse-Bio photon imagery can be used for early diagnosis. The image on the right side is a normal photo of the same mouse. You can see a lump where the tumor is.